New Triform PT5 Hotel Guest Folio Trays
Posting Trays for leading Hotels, Motels and Inns

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The new Triform PT5 Posting Tray is used by most leading hotels as Guest Folio Registers at the Front Office. This new design PT5 Tray is approximately 18" long, 9.25" wide and 12" high from the base. The internal space has been redesigned to accommodate more indexes or room dividers at 15.5". The tray is commonly used as Hotel Guest Folio Registers. The tray can also be used for easy filing and retrieval of any ISO A4 cards for easy reference.

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PT5 A4 Tray

PT5 A5 Tray


The side arms are adjustable. The front flap is movable in a forward and backward movement to facilitate search. The back flap utilizes a simpler mechanism with a screw knob at the back to adjust for the capacity of dividers. 

Back view of Triform PT5 Guest Folio Tray.
This Kalamazoo PT5 Tray above has been discontinued.

The new design of this tray will easily accomodate around 80 to 100 divider indexes of sizes ISO A4 or US Letter for the American market. PP Board Divider Indexes are diecut at the top with 5 tabs per row and comes in sets of 25 pieces. Each diecut index tab is 1cm by 3cm wide at the top of the boards.
Indexes can be pre labeled to your requirements before shipping or labeled using any sticky back materials or Dymo Labelers for convenience at your site. 
Indexes are also available in standard ISO A4 size with insertable tabs on top in rows of 5. These are called 5TT Tabs.

This product is shipped all over the world. Please inquire on freight charges or provide DHL/FEDEX Jumbo Box account for reverse shipping.

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