Kalamazoo Security Products

Kalamazoo Certificates
Security printed certificates and tickets with thermochromic inks, UV, "CopyVoid", holograms, and other security print features incorporated to prevent forgery.

Kalamazoo Security Seals
Positive identification of property is easier with high-tech security seals. Kalamazoo Market range includes personalised decal for improved chances of recovery. Incorporating a barcode provides a unique identification feature.

An efficient and cost effective service which rapidly creates a personalised PVC identity card for each member of your staff. The SentryCard is suitable for today's corporate companies that value the security of their premises.

Kalamazoo Security Tickets and Vouchers
Our range of security tickets includes standard security tickets that can be personalised within three to five day service bespoke tickets of every type. As for our vouchers, Kalamazoo is proud to offer its customers a complete solution. Not only are we able to print your vouchers, including bar-codes, sequential numbers, but we can also supply the mechanism to promote them.

Kalamazoo Security Prints
Kalamazoo is the trusted brand name associated with security printing for decades. All Kalamazoo Security Print products distributed in Malaysia are printed in the UK under tight security conditions.


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