Kalamazoo One-Write Receipt Systems
Cash or cheques are effectively recorded during online system failure or when the situation requires.

One simple writing completes the receipt and a collection record in one go for effective control and verification.

Kalamazoo Visitors One-Write Access Control
Access Control made easy for the security guard or the reception desk for visitors to the plant or office.

A Kalamazoo Pegboard is used to register more than one form in alignment for the completion of more than one record in one writing in the preparation of wages, access control and the recording of official receipts etc.


An effective manual payroll system

With this paper-based payroll system from Kalamazoo you can efficiently and effectively complete payroll processes. With our Onewrite system you can complete all of your payroll duties including the individual pay record, company pay record and the pay slip in one writing action. The payroll system ensures the forms are designed in such a way that completing the records is logical and easy, ensuring that all legislative details are collected.

By simultaneously copying the original information input the manual Onewrite system saves time, whilst eliminating copying errors.

With a sturdy lockable carry case all pay records can be stored securely in its own payroll solution when the pay period is complete. On pay day the side of the case can be removed and acts as a peg board to collate the forms together allowing accurate completion of the pay records.

The information collected each pay day can be carried forward allowing easy completion of the end of year page on the Inland Revenue web site, thus allowing the government initiative of filing the end of year by internet to be met – all through our manual payroll system.


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